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Film Kolektiv is a group of entities with one goal: to create great films.

In 2013 it all began when four friends, who happened to be film producers, decided to join forces and create a single production company. This means that Adwood, Axman Production, Evolution Films and Offside Men became one and Pavel Berčík, Jan Kallista, Karla Stojáková and Ondřej Zima founded Film Kolektiv Production Company. In 2015 Silvie Michajlova joined the group and Film Kolektiv became even stronger with her production service experiences.

The strength of Film Kolektiv lies in the vast filmography that each of the creators brought with them. It’s also an award winning film production company with a great history.


Films we produce cover a wide range – feature films, short films, TV series, animation, commercials, documentaries, children´s programs. Some are commercially successful, while others are highly received by critics and international festivals worldwide. Some even have been short listed for the Oscars! Our Prague office is based in the old center of the city and we share one whole floor for all our production offices. Film Kolektiv is much more than a production service company… Our passion for filmmaking will make your film dreams come true. And you will meet new friends in the magical city, with its long and successful film tradition.

Come and see us, our office doors are wide open for you and your projects!