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A six-part, original comedy series set in the town of Nymburk, where the inhabitants are menaced by the discovery of a supernatural force.
The Staněks.

An ordinary family from a small Czech town. The parents run a shop selling rope in an alley by the square but they don’t exactly see eye to eye in either their business or family strategies. Their 15-year-old son, a fourth-year student at the local high school, wants to become a hip hop star and feels misunderstood. Their daughter hopes to become a lawyer, just like her uncle, the most dreaded lawyer in town. His beautiful wife also wants something very much, but has no idea what it is. Staněks´ grandpa knows exactly what he wants, though. He loves porridge above all else, but not the way they make it in the seniors’ home.

As it tends to be, the Staněks, their relatives, friends and neighbors aren’t all that happy with their lives. But of course, when push comes to shove, no one ever thinks things could get any worse.